At MTSC you can shoot with different types of guns, and members shoot in many competitions, to suit their preferences and abilities. Competitions range from National and International level, through to regional, local and club leagues.

If you are not a competition shooter, no matter. You will be welcome to practice at whatever range, distance or type of shooting that interests you. The most important thing is to enjoy the sport.

We have fully qualified instructors and coaches to help you, no matter what your skill level.

As a Home Office approved club we are limited to certain classes of guns, used on particular ranges, as below:

Air Rifle:  .177 or .22 calibre - shot standing, prone or bench-rested at 10m, 25yds and 50m

For more information, see BASC and AirgunBBS

Air Pistol: .177 or .22 calibre - shot standing at 10m and 20m

Rim Fire Rifle: .22 calibre/LR - shot standing, prone or bench-rested at 25yds, 50m and 100yds

Rifles may be single-shot precision, multi-shot sporters or semi-automatic

For more information see the National Small Bore Rifle Association

HFT Air Rifle: .177 or .22 calibre

For more information see UKAHFT web site