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The Club Will Be Relocating Later in 2017 ... Watch This Space

 Maidenhead Target Shooting Club (MTSC) has some of the best airgun and rimfire shooting ranges in the south east.

Our outdoor ranges let you shoot at 25 yard, 50 metre, and 100 yard distances. We also have an indoor international standard 10 metre range for air pistol and precision air rifle shooting.

We can offer a wide selection of guns and equipment for you to use at the Club.

Many of our members are nationally accredited Range Control Officers, ensuring the highest safety standards. We also have qualified instructors and coaches in all shooting disciplines, and we offer a structured training program for new members.

Precision target shooting is one of the safest sports, yet very rewarding. It also features as an Olympic sport.

With practice and time you can reach a very high standard. Many of our members compete at national level, some in the international GB squads, and some are  candidates for Olympic places.

We are a friendly club and we want to help you enjoy the sport, to have fun and to offer you the facilities, environment and training to help you achieve your goals.

You are welcome to contact us to arrange a visit or to join the Induction programme.

 If you would like to phone us, please call 07856 857 900

We hope to see you soon.